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Topgolf is a global sports and entertainment destination with 70 locations around the world. From Las Vegas to Dubai and Bangkok!

We offer an inclusive, high-tech golf game that everyone can enjoy. Paired with an outstanding food and beverage menu, climate-controlled hitting bays and music, every Topgolf has an energetic hum that you can feel right when you walk through the door.

A great success in the US, United Kingdom and other countries, Topgolf Megacity is the first Topgolf venue in Asia.

We’re located right next to Megabangna shopping center. Easily accessible by private and public transport. See venue info for more details.

The health and safety of our Guests and Team Members is our #1 priority. Check our safety page to learn more

Of course! Come in any day for a drink, food, or to watch a game at our LARGE screens. There’s always something happening at Topgolf.

Our patented technology allows you to track your golf ball and accurately score each shot based on the target it enters. Which also means we can’t get into the details of how it actually works.

Topgolf venues are also adding Toptracer technology, allowing you to see a real-time trace of your ball’s flight path as well as insights into speed, distance, angle and accuracy. Basically, everything you’d ever want to know about your shot. Learn more and see which games are available here.

Yes. We’re open 365 days per year. Some years even 366 days!

Topgolf gameplay prices depend on the day of the week and time. Keep in mind, our pricing is by the bay per hour, not per person. All bay prices are prorated based on time of play. See here for the pricing details

Up to 6 players can be in a bay and play. For safety reasons, only one person can be hitting at one time.

Anyone under 16 must be supervised by a Guest 21+ at all times.

Yes, we are a pet-friendly venue, and pets are welcome in our designated pet-friendly area.  As for service animals, we fully comply with the law and welcome them to assist guests with disabilities throughout the entire venue.

We sure do! You can reserve a single bay (for 1-6 people) by clicking here. To book multiple bays (for 7+ people), call us at +66 (0)2 114 1289 . You can also book a table at one of our bars and restaurants . Feeling spontaneous? Walk-in Guests are always welcome, so come on in! No reservations are required for The Puttyard minigolf and putting practice.

Nope! Walk-in Guests are always welcome, so come on in. To ensure you have a bay, we recommend you make a reservation though!

Reserve 1 Bay (for 1-6 players): from 14 days to 3 hours in advance.

Book 2+ Bays (for 7+ players): You can book day, weeks or even months in advance! Call us at +66 (0)2 114 1289.

Book a table at our bars or restaurants: from 14 days to 3 hours in advance.

Click here to start planning, check availability and view pricing.

Call us at +66 (0)2 114 1289 and we see what we can do!

Food & Beverage

Yes, several items on our menu are vegetarian or can be modified to be vegetarian.

Naturally. A number of items can be modified to be gluten-friendly.

For sure! Come and see us for our menu.



New players can register without any joining fee. Topgolf’s Member can fully use of Topgolf facilities including Toptracer technology and free club rental.

The first time you play Topgolf, we register you at the bay with your phone number or email.

The next time you get to the bay, simply set up your game by typing in your phone number or email at the game panel. Our technology will track your score by name.

At this moment, unfortunately not. Topgolf Megacity membership is unique for this venue.

Not yet, but stay tuned for updates!


Topgolf Megacityにご宿泊のお客様には、無料駐車場とバイク駐輪場をご用意しております。 6時間以上駐車する場合、お客様は800バーツ以上のTopgolfのレシートを提示し、午前3時まで無料で駐車可能な駐車スタンプを取得する必要があります。 午前3:00以降の夜間駐車は禁止されています。違反した場合は、1日あたりTHB1,000の罰金と駐車料金を請求するものとします。

In case of parking for more than 6 hours, Guests must present a Topgolf receipt of THB 800 or more to obtain a parking stamp for free parking until 03:00 am.

Overnight parking is not allowed from 03:00 am onwards. In case of breach, a fine of THB 1,000 per day and the parking fee shall be charged.

もちろんです。Topgolf Megacityには、バー・レストランがあり、地ビールからクラシックカクテル、熟練のエグゼクティブシェフが監修したメニューまで、さまざまなお料理をご提供しています。新鮮で上質な食材を使った料理やドリンクをゲーム同様にお楽しみいただけます。また、打席ホストがプレー中のお食事やお飲み物の手配をいたします。



はい、ございます。お一人様でもグループでも、どなたでもゴルフレッスンを受講できます。 Topgolf Academyは、Topgolf Megacity内にある近代的で設備の充実したトレーニングセンターです。1階を右手に進むと、アカデミーがあります。

Topgolf Academy is a modern, fully equipped training center located inside Topgolf Megacity. On the ground floor, walk all the way to the right and you see our amazing academy.


異常気象でない限り、雨や雪(バンコクで降ることはめったにありません)でもTopgolfでの楽しい時間を妨げられることはありません。Topgolf Megacityの打席は、冷暖房完備の屋根付きです。


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